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Pride has been celebrated for decades in Fort Wayne, but the celebration we know and love today began in 1998 at Freimann Square. From there venues changed from Foellinger Theater to Lawton Park to the West Side of Headwaters to our current home of the East Side festival plaza. Throughout the years our crowds have grown from 100 to over 13,000 during the two day event. One thing has remained the same and that is Pride's commitment to bringing safe, fun events to the LGBT community and our straight allies. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for our volunteer Board of Directors. FW Pride is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to educating the community about LGBTQ issues and addressing needs that arise within our community. All donations are tax-deductible. 
Meet the Board of Directors
Director- Nikki Fultz- This is Nikki's 18th Pride to organize. She enjoys putting together LGBTQ-positive events for our community. Nikki and her wife are both teachers and have three 22 year old daughters, Katelynn, Keela, & Indira as well as a five year old son, Tegan and a baby girl, Riley. Nikki obtained her Masters in Nonprofit Management & Leadership to help further the growth of Pride. She has worked with several local nonprofits in the past, but Pride remains the one she is most passionate about. She enjoys teaching 3rd grade at Waynedale Elementary & spending time with family and friends! nikki@fwpride.org

Treasurer; Vendor Coordinator- Arin Spiller- Arin joined the board seven years ago to become more active in the community. She lives in Fort Wayne with her wife, Amanda, and 18 year old son Hank. She has her bachelors in Business Management and works for Heritage Parts. She is excited to continue working as a vendor coordinator. vendor@fwpride.org

Secretary; Volunteer Coordinator- Kristy Lindeman- This is Kristy's fourth year on the board. Kristy is a social worker and completed her Masters in Organizational Leadership. She has always enjoyed Pride and is excited to work behind the scenes with the committee this year to make Pride 2018 the best yet! volunteer@fwpride.org

Beer Tent Coordinator- Kara Fultz- This is Kara's 13th festival to work on. She and her wife have four daughters, Keela, Katelynn, Indira, and Riley and a son, Tegan.  She is a teacher at South Side in Fort Wayne. Kara is excited about the continued growth of the beer tent. 

Drag Coordinator- Amanda Spiller- This is Amanda's sixth year on the board. She has been a drag performer for thirteen years. She and her wife have an 18 year old son. She joined Pride to be involved in the community and enjoys seeing Pride evolve each year. 

Volunteer Coordinator- Jenn Ferguson- Jenn joined the board of directors a four years ago to become active in the LGBT community. She is an Occupational Therapist at a local hospital. She is working with Kristy as a volunteer coordinator. She and her partner, Michele, live in Fort Wayne with Michele's two daughters.

KidSpace Coordinator- Lori Larko-Wilch- This is Lori's fifth non-consecutive year on the board. She and her wife have four children. Lori volunteers with Stonewall Democrats. 

KidSpace Coordinator- Jay Larko-Wilch- This is Jay's fourth year on the board. She has volunteered for several years and decided she was ready to commit more to helping Pride grow in Fort Wayne. Jay will be working with Lori on putting together the KidSpace. 

Beer Tent Coordinator- Carmella O'Neal- This is Carmella's third year on the board. She enjoyed volunteering so much that she decided to get more involved. She and her wife Leah enjoy traveling. Carmella is a licensed marriage and family therapist and currently works as a therapist at Oaktree Guidance & Wellness Center. 

Alec Palmer- This is Alec's second year on the board of directors. A long time volunteer, Alec wanted to get more involved to help the LGBTQ community, specifically youth, find their place in our area. He is passionate about trans rights and hopes to organize the trans community. Alec can be seen performing locally under the name Lil D Licious. 

Janelle Bailey- This is Janelle's first year on our board, but has helped with Baltimore Pride in years past. Janelle and her wife are parents to four children and run a local counseling and wellness firm. Janelle is excited to see the expansion of Pride. 

Brock Ireland- Brock joined Pride's board of directors this year after winning Miss Pride 2017. He has been a past Pride volunteer and is looking forward to being a part of the board this year. 

Karris Sims- Karris enjoyed volunteering at Pride 2017 and decided to join the board to be more involved with the community.

​Christina Schimmel- This is Christina's first year on the committee. She has volunteered at Pride and was looking for a way to be more involved in supporting the event and the overall community. She is looking forward to participating in more events and meeting more of the community as well. Christina also serves on the Board of Directors for Insight Mediation Fort Wayne. 

Theresa Shull- This is Theresa's first year on the board.

Blaine Hall- This is Blaine's first year on the board. He volunteered his time last year and decided to get more involved. 

Penny Aker- ​After volunteering for the past two years as a Paramedic for Pride, Penny decided she would love to become more involved in the LGBTQ community and help in any way she can. She's been happily married to her husband Michael who is a Firefighter for 12 years. They have two sons who are 21 and 18. She sincerely looks forward to helping the LGBTQ community. 

Christian Albertson- This is Christian's first year on the board of directors. He is excited to help Arin with vendors this year. After his first year of volunteering at Pride, he knew he wanted to be more apart of the group. He and his partner are excited to move forward with their careers and push past their boundaries in helping the community. The inspiration of being true to himself moves him to help others be who they are instead of hiding from the world. He's extremely excited to help again this year and many more years to come!

Amanda Joseph- After graduating from IUPUI she began doing political work focusing on GBLT matters in Washington DC and working with not-for profit organizations in fundraising and volunteer coordination, until she decided it was time to come back to Indiana permanently and moved to Fort Wayne to be closer to family. Her passion is empowering women of her community to use their voice in male-dominated spaces. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her dog Henrietta or volunteering in different organizations. She is eager to be apart of the GBLT community of Fort Wayne and thanks you for embracing her.